Rancabali - Ciwidey Agrotourism

Please, come to Rancabali ...!!!

Why? Because besides a lot of tourism objects can be visited here, it takes only about two hours from Bandung to get to this plantation. This plantation is located in the district of Ciwidey about 50 km to the south of Bandung and the elevation of 1628 m above sea level.

Villa Kidang Kencana is a unique triangle shaped lodging in Rancabali which consists of two floors. The first floor is for gatherings or meetings, equipped by fireplace, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms. There are 2 rooms upstairs, one room has 5 beds and another has 3 beds. Villa Kidang Kencana is adjacent to Villa Ciung Wanara which is equipped by the private swimming pool. The maximum capacity of Villa Kidang Kencana is 25 people.

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