Tea Categories

Tea falls into 4 rough categories-


“White”tea is made from leaves hardly processed , nearly ‘raw’. It probably has the most health benefits. It is called white as the brew ranges from pale white to a light brown.


"Green” – partially fermented – its brew is pale yellow to green/brown. All the research on the health benefits of tea have come from green tea. China and Japan produce most green tea.


“Oolong” is a Chinese tea that is a transition between green and black. It contains some of the properties of both. I like Oolongs with desserts.


“Black” (what most people know as tea) is the most popular in the Western world. The leaves are ‘fired’ to a brown dried condition. Black teas usually have the most caffeine and are the strongest in taste. They are the red wines of the tea world.

Black tea is good for morning times, and for iced tea.

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