Tea Tasting

PTPN VIII is the biggest tea producer company in Indonesia. At least 45% national tea production comes from PTPN VIII.

The PTPN VIII tea processing has been conducted by tight quality control for each factory through the tea tasting process which guarantee that tea in the market will have good quality, based on the quality standard of tea.

The implementation of tea tasting includes the evaluation of: (1) Appearance: colour, evenness, cleanliness from stalk and fibre, shape and size. (2) Infusion water: the colour of water, strength, and aroma. (3) Appearance of infused leaf: colour and evenness.

The implementation of tea tasting is conducted very carefully. First, the tea powder is measured as 2.8 grams or 5,6 grams in weight then poured by boiled water from cup with 110 cc or 220 cc in volume and covered until 6 minutes. The aroma is examined by smelling the vapour of tea infusion by opening cup cover a little. After that, to evaluate the taste of infusion, the water is poured into a bowl and the evaluation is done by tasting those infusions.

The appearance is observed by doing: (1) Shapes evaluation, stalk and fibre cleanliness, and also the colour assessment is done by spreading tea on melamine or paper tray and compares those to the standard. (2) The size uniformity evaluation is done by using a mini filter with the holes which have been adjusted to evaluate tea type and then counting the presentation of uniformity.

Water colour is examined by observing the infusion on a bowl and infused leaf is examined by moving it to the cup cover and observe it.

This article was taken from N8 Tea Products Catalogue, PT. Perkebunan Nusantara VIII, Indonesia